Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Process of a Doodle

Not very good doodle
(45 minute of brainfart doodling without much plan)
of which I captured a process video.

Click for video!


Lance said...

neat video.

hay, you should help me fill in the gap at the block until we get things updated. post some stuff yeah. scott, alexx and gabe are back on board. with forum ideas. just waiting for derek to give me ftp info.

Me said...

great doodle as usual ptoingo.

if you want, I have a great freelance agency you could apply at :PPPP

mathias said...

This was actually pretty insightful. Thanks for posting. I'd love to get a hold of your PS brushes.

nimrod7777 said...

inspiring doodle, thanks very much for the video !